Welcome Home Ministries Africa


We partner with Welcome Home Ministries Africa, whose purpose is to care for the children of Uganda who are orphaned, sick, dying, abused, abandoned, or who have no chance of survival without intervention. They are home to about 65 kids under 6 years of age.

WHMA Mission


WHMA's Mission is to To Love, Care, and Pray Destitute Babies Back to Health or into Jesus’s Loving Arms. They are committed to loving the children of Uganda by providing them a loving life-giving environment so that each child has a healthy, secure foundation for life. 

How YOU can Help NOW


WeSoThey's funding plan goal will provide a substantial amount of financial support to these children and their biological families. Roughly 1/3 of the profits from your financial donations and donated household items that are sold in the WeSoThey Marketplace will go to Welcome Home Ministries Africa  to fund their monthly required needs for food, shelter, and clothing.

To build sustainability, we ask that you consider donating money to purchase cows, chickens or goats which will create a profitable business trade for each family, potentially allowing the children to return home to their biological parents.