Our Surrendered Lives Ministry


We partner with Our Surrendered Lives Ministry which was established to build an orphanage near Chihuahua, Mexico to house 25 children. The goal is to create a self-efficient farm to help support some of the basic needs for the orphanage and at the same time teach the children responsibilities and a trade.  They currenlty have an apple orchard with 440 trees & 5 acres of oat, alfalfa and vegetable crops.

OSL Ministries Mission


OSL Ministries' mission is to provide basic needs to children in Mexico, who have been abandoned and children that because of special circumstances are in situations where the parents or family cannot care for them. They create a safe haven, feed them, clothe them, attend to their medical needs, give them an education and teach them vocational trades.  More importantly, they give these children the nurture and the love that every child in this world should deserves. Their vision is to link American citizens to children in Mexico who the help of OSL Ministries will enable kids to develop into self-sufficient young adults, confident in the challenges that they will face on their own some day, help them have an understanding of values, as well as direction and purpose for their lives.

How YOU can Help NOW


WeSoThey's funding plan goal will provide a substantial amount of financial support to these children and their biological families. Roughly 1/3 of your financial donations and donated household items that are sold in the WeSoThey Marketplace will go to Our Surrendered Lives Ministry to fund their monthly required needs for food, shelter, and clothing.

To build sustainability, we ask that you consider donating money to purchase  cows, chickens, goats or apple trees which will create a profitable business trade for each family, potentially allowing the children to return home to their biological parents.