Meet the Founders


My husband Adam and I have volunteered at several orphanages in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Uganda. We love orphans and widows and feel like God is leading us to do something for the least of these.  As you can see we like to have a lot of fun but also know there is so much in this world that is unexplainably difficult. 


We have many friends that have adopted internationally and have seen how much of a financial burden international adoptions can be and we wanted to help. What can we do to help with the cost? 

We have so much in our culture, so much crap we are always purging.  So I thought how can we take our abundance of unwanted goods and use them to raise money for orphans, widows and families worldwide?  This idea has driven me, Carolann, to create WeSoThey.  A place where unwanted things can be reclaimed and made wanted again.