Meeting the needs of orphans, widows, and families worldwide.

The organization helps to fund two orphanages, one in Uganda and one in Mexico, and also helps  financially support international adopting families.

We do, so they can

When we say, we do so they can, we take your unwanted goods and host huge garage sales. By selling your unwanted items we fund our mission.

Our goal is to open the WeSoThey Market in Douglas County, Colorado for people to buy goods that have been given from the community.  This will be a place where volunteers are welcome and families will have the opportunity to volunteer together. 

We are currently looking for a building to house the WeSoThey Market. Please email us at info@wesothey.com if you know of a building that might meet our needs. 

Until we find a permanent location, we will be holding the garage sales at different locations so stayed connected to see the next sale!

We had our first sale of 2018 

  • May 3rd - 5th raising $5,742.92 
  • June 22nd & 23rd raised

Immediate Needs

Volunteers for the next sale TBA

Sign up to volunteer and help us. 

Email  info@wesothey.com

Be the  We in WeSoThey  Together WE can transform lives.

We need:

  • Unwanted goods for the next sale
  • Commitments to give monthly
  • Website/Social Media Admin
  • Marketing/Branding Enthusiast  
  • Corporate Fundraiser
  • Grant Writer

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